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Those Who Know Do Not Speak

While Taoist philosopher Lao Tsu was the first to make the statement, “Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know” part of his formal teachings, some form of the wisdom behind this statement has been attributed to such great philosophical minds as Socrates, Buddha, and Jesus....

How Advanced 3D Printing Technology is Driving the Future of Appliance Manufacturing

Industries in transition are often the biggest hotbeds for innovation and disruption. Take the automotive industry for example, which is currently undergoing an historic transformation driven by a slew of disruptive new forces from ride sharing to electric vehicles to autonomous driving, reflecting a cultural shift away from traditional car ownership and more towards crowdsourcing and sustainability....

Creating a Cross-Functional Workplace

The HVAC industry is highly regulated with stringent requirements set by countless government organizations. The number and frequency of regulations has been increasing—and the overwhelming number of changes are forcing manufacturers to make frequent updates to their product offerings to comply. ...

Warming up to Electrical Heating Cables

Heating cables are commonly referred to as heat trace cables, heat tracing, or heat tape, while the most advanced cable design, self-regulating heating cables, are also known as self-limiting cables. Whatever they are called, all work largely on the same principle: when voltage is applied across a length of wire of a given resistance, it then dissipates a fixed level of power in the form of radiating heat based on ohms law.  ...

Top Considerations for Using Metal 3D Printing vs. CNC Machining

In recent years, designers and inventors alike have been keen to create their next part or product using metal 3D printing. With the latest advancements enabling a wider range of processes and materials that can be exploited with much greater speed and efficiency, metal 3D printing is all the rage. ...

10 Tips for Transforming Appliances into Connected Products

Smart appliances that connect with mobile phones, voice assistants and other systems can enhance a manufacturer’s revenues and help differentiate its products in a crowded consumer marketplace....

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