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Solar-powered Ring House heals a scarred hilltop landscape in Greece

On the southern coast of Crete, Greek architectural firm decaARCHITECTURE has turned a commission for a modern residence into an opportunity for landscape preservation. Named the Ring House for its rounded shape, the house was created to follow the existing topography and looks like an extension of its hilltop location. The site had been scarred by environmentally insensitive infrastructural development but has now recovered its original morphology and has been replanted with native flora. L...

India will surpass Paris Agreement pledges with renewable energy investment

India will surpass Paris Agreement commitment to cut carbon emissions The Indian government has embarked on largescale renewable energy projects that are predicted to enable the world’s second most populous country to surpass their commitment to cut carbon emissions. According to a recently released report from Moody’s Investor’s Service, 45 percent of all energy produced in India will be from non-fossil fuel sources by 2022. This is impressive, considering India only committed to 40 percent......

Breezy home in Mexico uses strategic cross ventilation and natural light to reduce its energy use

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Polls show climate change is a determining issue for 2020 elections

Recent polls indicate that climate change will be a central issue for voters in the upcoming 2020 presidential elections. According to the George Mason University poll, 38 percent of participants indicated that the topic is “very important” for their decision, while the lead researcher, Anthony Leiserowitz said: “this is truly a top-tier issue for the Democratic base. The poll, released in early May only sampled 1,000 people, but the results are consistent with similar polls by Manmouth......

Geometric pine cabins house nature-minded workspaces in Vietnam

Nestled in a misty pine forest, the Ta Nung Homestay Executive Office offers employees an environmentally sensitive space to work along with breathtaking views of Vietnam’s Central Highland landscape. Ho Chi Minh City-based architectural firm MyAn Architects designed the workspace to look like a cluster of geometric cabins that have been elevated on stilts to reduce site impact and to preserve mature pine trees. Floor-to-ceiling windows sweep an abundance of natural light and views of the mounta...

Green batteries? Renewable energy storage will cost nature

Our quest to save the world by achieving 100 percent renewable energy will unfortunately also be devastating for the environment. An increase in renewable energy means an increase in the need for batteries to power electric cars and store energy from solar panels and wind turbines. However, batteries are made from unsustainably and unethically sourced metals. A new report, released by the University of Technology in Sydney, estimates that the surge in battery production will increase the demand ...

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