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Study estimates sea level rise two times worse than worst-case scenario

Sea level rise is a serious threat, but a new report argues that it may be far worse than even the current word-case estimates. The study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Monday, estimates that there is a five percent chance the sea level will rise between two and 7.8 feet within the next century. This is more than twice what was recently predicted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Although five percent may seem like a small probability, the rese...

Words matter: The Guardian announces updated climate crisis language

Words matter, and last week The Guardian announced it will start using more appropriately strong words that reflect the magnitude of the climate crisis. Instead of “climate change,” which editor-in-chief Katharine Viner said sounds passive and gentle, staff writers will use “climate crisis” and “climate emergency”. “What scientists are talking about is a catastrophe for humanity,” Viner said in a statement sent to all Guardian staff. “Increasingly, climate scientists and organizations......

Repurposed shipping container now holds a trendy beer stand in Tokyo

In a creative project that will appease both advocates of recycling and lovers of food and drink, the designers at I IN used a corrugated metal shipping container to create the Schmatz Beer Stand in Tokyo, Japan. Rather than stepping into a dark shipping capsule, guests instead will enter an inviting, warm beer stand completely contrasting to the industrialized exterior. Light timber wood lines both the walls and the floor, matching the exposed wooden bar and bar stools. If there were any conf...

Inside The Mohicans: an Ohio treehouse empire

Waking up in a tree 30 feet off the ground with no noise but birdsong, you might not think you were halfway between Columbus and Cleveland. But The Mohicans is a collection of treehouses and cabins in the quiet woods of Ohio’s Amish country. The treehouses are situated off the road and far enough apart that you can spend a night or two and never run into your human neighbors. Kevin Mooney began building treehouses on his property in 2012. Now he’s a treehouse addict, with seven completed and......

SAOLA offers sustainable sneakers sourced from algae and recycled plastic

Although admittedly late to the game, fashion is working towards cleaning up their act when it comes to corporate responsibility and sustainable sourcing of materials and manufacturing of products. But, consumers have to look for it. Fortunately, the shoe industry in particular is getting downright competitive in their efforts to bring sustainable footwear to the market. Unfortunately, for many manufacturers the eco-friendly label means little more than incorporating an organic thread here or a ...

Artist installs nature-inspired tiny house made out of recycled glass and plastic in Times Square

Related: + Fernando Mastrangelo Via Designboom Fernando Mastrangelo, tiny house in times square...

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