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Cooking News:

GoSun unveils solar cooker that lets you serve up some sizzling meals at night

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This high-tech LED lighting could grow veggies in space

Move over, freeze-dried foods and Tang. The astronauts of tomorrow may be growing veggies in their spacecraft, and even on the moon and Mars. OSRAM, a global high-tech lighting company, showed off its PHYTOFY horticultural lighting system at this year’s CES.  PHTOFY RL uses LED lights that can be tuned, controlled and scheduled for different research applications. NASA is experimenting with PHYTOFY at the Kennedy Space Center to create plant recipes, which could eventually be used at the intern...

How to teach children about climate change

As the saying goes, children are our future. Insomuch as they will be the next voice in striving towards a sustainable planet, they must first be aware of the problems and possible solutions. But implying that the earth will eventually burst into a fiery ball and there’s little we can do about it, might not be the best approach. When educating children about climate change it’s important to make sure the information is age appropriate, you use positive, empowering language, and you remember to.....

Pet food manufacturers are experimenting with insects instead of meat

It is now a well-established fact that there is a link between human meat consumption and climate change, thanks to the CO2 and methane emissions that come from raising and transporting cattle and pigs. And now, since pets are responsible for 20 percent of global meat consumption, some pet food manufacturers are turning to insects instead of beef to make their products. According to the BBC, one pet food manufacturer says that 40 percent of its new product is made from black soldier flies,......

Connecticut could mandate climate change education in schools

Connecticut state Representative Christine Palm, a Democrat from the town of Chester, has proposed a bill in the state legislature that would mandate instruction on climate change in public schools across Connecticut. However, some don’t believe the legislation is necessary because the state already adopted Next Generation Science Standards back in 2015. Those standards already include teaching about climate change, Reuters reports. But, Palm says that a lot of schools make it an elective,......

Eco-friendly Brae restaurant and retreat targets net-zero energy in Australia

Sustainability is woven throughout Brae, a renowned restaurant and retreat nestled on a hillside of a 30-acre organic farm in rural Australia. Designed by Fitzroy-based studio Six Degrees Architects, Brae is best known for its seasonally inspired menu and talented chefs—the restaurant was named among the world’s 50 best restaurants in 2017—however, the idyllic establishment also boasts six eco-friendly guest suites designed to target net-zero energy consumption. Durable and recycled materials......

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