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Local Voices, Global Choices: The Key to Managing Restaurant Brands 

The familiar phrase “think globally, act locally” should resonate for companies managing a basket of restaurant chains. An effective franchise management strategy focuses on identifying strong chains, streamlining expenses, bringing in an aggregation of potential contracts and raising the potential for profitability. While executives with solid business experience and a…...

Why Brands Need LSM Now More than Ever

Local Store Marketing (LSM) is by far the most important, impactful way for restaurant brands to connect with customers.   Why  How else are can you emotionally engage with the community to introduce your brand’s story, products and services, especially in today’s chaotic mobile-saturated, intensely competitive times  As of 2018, consumers see an average…...

Is the Soggy Fries Era Nearly Over?

For a consumer to have a positive experience with an on-the-go food item, it is imperative that proper food packaging is used to complement the contents within it. Everything from the functionality and portability, to the aesthetics and the sustainability of the vessel has a direct impact on the food…...

Eight Operating Cost Rent Issues for Restaurant Tenants

Restaurant tenants are rarely happy with their operating costs; at best, they’re ambivalent to them and, at worst, they’re upset with them. The two issues that most upset restaurant tenants are ever-increasing operating costs and the landlord’s lack of attention to fully maintaining the commercial property.  Restaurant tenants can, of…...

In Case of Emergency: How to Deal with Restaurant Flooding

The United States is currently experiencing historic flooding from Nebraska to Minnesota to Wisconsin. The resulting floodwater has the potential to damage food inventory, as well as records, equipment and cause structural damage. The experts at Steritech shared procedures to follow in the event of a flooding as well as re-opening procedures and flood prevention tips with Modern Restaurant…...

MRM News: The Joy of Functional Food

Interest in functional foods continues to grow at a fast pace, according to a recent report from Kerry, with 65 percent of consumers saying they seek out food and drinks with the added benefit of a nutritional boost.  Kacy Erdelyi, founder of Joyist, a growing brand of organic cafes, with…...

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