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APS Elastomers Celebrates 10th Year

APS Elastomers is celebrating its tenth successful year in business....

Covestro, Haier Plan Digitalization Joint Laboratory

Covestro and the Haier Group have agreed to set up a joint laboratory in Qingdao, China, for the digitalization of appliance production. Both parties have signed an agreement thereon....

Diversified Plastics Announces Acquisition of Pacific Plastics Injection Molding

Diversified Plastics, Inc. (DPI) has acquired the assets of Pacific Plastics Injection Molding (PPIM) in Vista, CA....

Optomec Acquires Huffman, Leader in Metal Additive Manufacturing for Repair

Optomec announced that it has acquired Huffman, the established leader in supplying 3D metal printing systems for additive repair of gas turbine components in the energy and aviation markets....

Those Who Know Do Not Speak

While Taoist philosopher Lao Tsu was the first to make the statement, “Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know” part of his formal teachings, some form of the wisdom behind this statement has been attributed to such great philosophical minds as Socrates, Buddha, and Jesus....

How Advanced 3D Printing Technology is Driving the Future of Appliance Manufacturing

Industries in transition are often the biggest hotbeds for innovation and disruption. Take the automotive industry for example, which is currently undergoing an historic transformation driven by a slew of disruptive new forces from ride sharing to electric vehicles to autonomous driving, reflecting a cultural shift away from traditional car ownership and more towards crowdsourcing and sustainability....

Search results for "Small Appliances - Irons and Steamer"

  • SF275 SteamMax Steam

    SF275 SteamMax Steam
    We all know that bathrooms are the worst places in the house to clean right No problem Let the powerful 1500 Watts SteamMax Cleaner do the dirty work in your ho...(more)

    $125.00 More Details
  • GS4 Comp Fabric

    GS4 Comp Fabric
    Compact Fabric Steamer 1200W Power Integrated Carry Handle Nozzle 6 Minute Heat Up For 20 Minutes Steam Time Switch With Auto Shuts Unit Off When Handle Is Retu...(more)

    $28.00 More Details
  • GS7 Compact Upright

    GS7 Compact Upright
    The Conair GS7 Compact Upright Steamer is compact convenient and makes cleaning your carpet simple With its large wheels collapsible pole and cool-touch equipme...(more)

    $46.99 More Details
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